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The “Lo”-Down on “Quats”

Please excuse the awful title. Lack of sleep and motivation make for crappy headlines.

So my newest food article on Patch went live on Monday and it’s all about these Asian fruits called loquats.

Loquats kind of look like a smoother, slightly larger kumquat

Now, I know what you’re all thinking. “Oh! It must be like a kumquat, but perhaps they grow low to the ground instead of on a tree!” (P.s., if this is, indeed, what you’re thinking, I will pretend to not know you when I see you on the street.)

But, truth be told, loquats have no relation to kumquats. Just like Penelope Cruz had no relation to Tom Cruise (cause that would’ve been icky). They are small and orange, but have a smooth fuzzy skin (like a peach!) instead of a bumpy rind, like an orange.

They’re also not as sour as kumquats and twice as delicious. Click here to check out my story on them. I totally got a reader addicted to them! (Yay!)

Loquats have an almost-peachy texture

Have you ever tried a loquat? Do you want to after reading my article?


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