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Tasty Tip Tuesday: Shallots

Shallots are one of my favorite aromatics. They’re like mini onions with a garlicky twist.

Yes, they are simply amazing. My college roomie, Stef, loved to cook with them and probably definitely introduced them to me. We shared a love for the little guys and one night went all out with them. We made a pasta from an old Rachel Ray magazine called “That’s Shallotta Flavor Pasta!

It called for 10 shallots—10! Not that we minded, though our wallets did. (Anyone here know why shallots can be so expensive?) Anyway, it was good and we used shallots in place of onions quite a bit.

Chopped Shallots

So here’s my tasty tip: Next time you saute up some green beans or make a homemade soup or sauce, use shallots in place of onion. Throw some in your roasted root veggie mix for extra flavor. Use them in bruschetta. They’re so versatile (like onions) but are much smaller and easier to chop.

Seriously guys, I love these things. I’m considering calling myself Lady Shallot. Although high schoolers everywhere might confuse me with this woman:

The Lady of Shalott


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