How It Works

In order for me to get to blog more, I started installing daily themes here at For the Love of Food back in November 2011. It’s been my motivation to keep this blog active and gain more readership. I’m sure I’ll fall through the cracks a couple of times, but life’s all about learning.

For those of you new to this blog, here’s the weekly schedule for ye olde blog:

  • Meatless Mondays: A recipe for a meatless dinner that’s so tasty, you won’t miss the meat.
  • Tasty Tip Tuesdays: A short, tasty tip from my kitchen to yours.
  • Wordless Wednesday: A picture of food that’s worth a 1000 (unspoken) words
  • Thankful Thursday: This may change as I go on, but for now, Thursdays will be dedicated to people in the food world I’m thankful for as well as food, recipes and gadgets that mean so much to me.
  • Free-for-All Friday: Friday is my choice. I can post a recipe, food for thought, a link to a my newest food stories, throw out a poll. It’s a free-for-all and it’s all fun.
  • Saturday: I’m off Saturday. Sorry folks! You gotta fend for yourselves.
  • Sneak Peek Sunday: I give one picture (a sneak peek) of a recipe in the week to come. Sometimes you know what it is, other times I ask you to guess.

And for your enjoyment:

A picture of me scarfing some mac and cheese. This must have been a Saturday since I'm not blogging...

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