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Free-for-All Friday: Deviled Eggs

I wish I had time to prepare a blog post with a recipe for a Seder dinner staple, but this week has been busy for me and my friend Stef, who I would’ve asked to guest blog.

So instead, I’m re-sharing my deviled eggs recipe with you! (click here to view it). Two points for recycling!

One-Eyed Deviled Eggs

For some reason, they’re an Easter food. I don’t know why. Someone wanna fill me in?

I hope everyone has a great Passover and Easter!

10 Reasons to Love Easter

Even if you’re not religious, Easter is probably still celebrated inside your house. Here are my top reasons for loving this pastel holiday:

1. Deviled Eggs

2. Easter egg dyeing (can you ever grow out of that? I think not.)

3. Jelly beans (so gross, yet so good)

4. Dresses (I’ll always take any excuse to buy a new sundress)

5. Honey-Glazed ham (admittedly, I’ve never fancied this stuff, but my family seems to have an undying affection for it, so on the list it goes)

6. Mashed potatoes (this is also on the list for reasons to love Thanksgiving, Christmas, and generally whenever you have spuds in the house)

7. Peeps (just kidding. Those things are nasty. Let’s replace them with Whopper Robin’s Eggs instead)

8. Easter baskets (when I still got them, of course. But they’re pretty fun to give, too. The best part is, unlike Christmas gifts, you can throw in cheaply made and inexpensive odds and ends into a pastel-colored basket and call it a gift!)

9. Bunnies (this one is in the same category as peeps. Bunnies, as cute as they may be, stink.)

10. Lent is over! Time to over-indulge on whatever crazy thing you’ve been depriving yourself of for the past 46 days!

Why do you love Easter?


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