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Free For All Friday: Birthday Recap

So my birthday was on Tuesday, which also happens to be Valentine’s Day.

There are many reasons to hate this annual coincidence, but for me, the loathing comes because dinner reservations are a pain to make. Everywhere romantic is booked a month in advance, menus are switched to prix fixe ones. It’s a disaster. Everyone deserves a nice meal, on their birthday, right?!

My SO has treated me to some nice birthday dinners in the past (The Prado last year, a fun SD Zoo dinner the year before that, etc.), so this year, we kept it simple and decided to do fondue at home.

I won’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say it was a blessing my camera battery died because I tried out a new fondue and it was inedible. Beer Cheddar came through for us though and I used a chocolate orange bar from Lindt for dessert that turned out equally awesome.

But the best part about my birthday? I finally got a pasta roller*

Making homemade pasta was one of my New Year’s Resolutions, so I’m pretty giddy about this. It’s from Bed, Bath and Beyond (obviously from the “Beyond” section) and the reviews are pretty good. I’m a crazy person and read through as many as my eyes will let me and I’ve concluded that it’s good at pressing the dough and cutting fettuccine, but the spaghetti is a little more complicated. Good thing I love fettuccine.

Homemade pasta just tastes betta

Then, I had a $5 gift card to Amazon that I got for doing some survey at the allergist so I used it toward a pasta rack and got it in 2 days (and paid just the regular shipping price! Boo-yah)

Cut and dry

Perfect present for someone like me. I’m so excited to make my first batch of pasta and share the triumph (or, to be more real, disaster) here on this blog.

I wish I had a picture from my milestone birthday, but…you know, the battery. Ugh.

Also, take note of my domain. Since I turned 25, I decided it was time to be a big girl and buy my own domain to sound all professional and stuff. You proud?

*Note: I may be exaggerating here. The best part about my birthday was actually my gift from Max…almost-front-row seats to see Lady Antebellum in concert at Cricket Amphitheater. *swoon* Let’s lead y’all into the weekend with a little diddy from the talented trio:


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