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Sneak Peek Sunday: Back in Action

Hi there! Remember me? Goofy, 20-something that has a passion for food and sometimes gets around to writing about it?

I’m back. From a year-long hiatus. Here’s a recap for curious minds.

In July 2012, I was a “guest editor” for Ramona Patch, a hyperlocal news website, owned by AOL. I had worked for Patch for two years at this time and was in the process of being hired for editor of the site, filling in temporarily while they narrowed down their choices.

I got the gig, gained responsibilities, lost time and found out what it means to be a multi-media journalist (hint: it’s tough stuff). Over time, I was given two news websites to completely run by myself, and I fell off the blogging bandwagon, much to my chagrin. Here’s what my weekly schedule looked like (full disclosure: this is my well-warranted excuse for not blogging for a year and a half).

  • Monday: School District Meeting for Site A
  • Tuesday: Water Board Meeting for Site B, City Council Meeting for Site A
  • Wednesday: Event coverage, breaking news, etc.
  • Thursday: Decide between covering Planning Group Meeting or School Board Meeting for Site B
  • Friday: Write three days worth of content so you only have to work 8 hours over the weekend.

Mmhmm. Typical week for this food lover. Alas, not only did my blog fall between the cracks, but so did my cooking. It was a sad year for me, full of eaten-out meals and coffee-rich diets. I’m still waiting for the jitters to stop…

On Aug. 16, Patch made severe cuts in an order to reach profitability, laying off nearly 500 employees. Unfortunately, I was victim to the cuts. It’s hard not to be bitter (just ask any grapefruit), as I loved my job, despite the time and energy it took. I met lots of neat people, made great connections and learned invaluable skills. I’ve restructured my “Patch” tab to highlight some of my favorite stories and work. Take a look while you wait for that pasta water to boil ;)

So as I regroup, search for my next path and heal my open wounds, For the Love of Food is back. It feels so nice to be home.

Cheers to rebirth!

Cheers to rebirth!

Spring Break

I’m taking a leave of absence for the week and calling it my Spring Break.

Unfortunately, lounging poolside with a pina colada Bloody Mary isn’t part of the deal. Nor is a visit to somewhere rad like Panama City or Cancun, like this:

Sigh. The good ‘ol days. When Justin’s hair color was blinding, Chris looked like an alien, Lance was still straight and Britney’s hair was actually her own.

My Spring Break is just to give me a chance to catch up with things and maybe do that load of laundry I’ve been digging through for the past weeks when I need an outfit to wear…

BUT, I do have something exciting going on Friday that I will share with you minions next week. It’s something all foodies (hint: ESPECIALLY SD Foodies) will deeply appreciate.

Thanks for understanding (see how I said that, even though I know you all are lost without daily postings from me?) and I will be back next Sunday for a sneak peek! Hope everyone had a great Passover and Easter.

To keep you busy while I’m gone, catch up on my Farmers Market column over at Coronado Patch. There’s some gems in there.

Free for All Friday: Romanesco

Admittedly, this was going to be my Wordless Wednesday, but an internet blackout and visit to a good friend’s house supplied me with a much, MUCH better picture for next week.

So romanesco is basically what happens when math meets food. Or something like that.

Yeah, that’s a vegetable and yeah, that’s its natural state. It’s made up of fractals and looks too cool to eat. Fortunately, it tastes as good as it looks pretty!

I asked Stef to bring me some romanesco home from Weiser Family Farms and she so graciously did. It’s a mix between cauliflower and broccoli and is super soft. It can be eaten raw but you know me—I sent those florets straight to the oven to roast.

You can read more about romanesco over at Coronado Patch and if you live near a farmers market, pick some up! It turned my mother, who hates both cauliflower AND broccoli, into a believer. She scarfed the roasted stuff down as soon as it came out of the oven smelling *glorious*. (Asterisks indicate an angelic-like voice singing the word they are surrounding).

I’m thinking of trying to make this cauliflower soup with romanesco instead! Could make for an interesting flava flav.

Have you guys ever tried romanesco? What do you think of it?

Psst: I wrote a little blogsky over at Coronado Patch on Paula Deen, diabetes and butter. Read it here and leave a comment full of love or hate!

Almond Joy

Check out my latest article on!

It’s all about healthy, and YUMMY, almonds!

Also, I KNOW I’ve been slackin’ on this thing.  But I PROMISE, two new recipes will be up by the end of the week!  Thanks for all the love!

Spring Hill Cheese

Hello, fellow food-lovers!

I’m very excited today, as my article on Coronado Patch is officially published.  Click here to check it out, and read about all the cheesy goodness!

If you don’t live in San Diego, or plan on going to the Coronado Farmers Market (or any of the other 13 San Diegan farmers markets Rachel Peter visits), check out her website I’ve put up on the right side of my page, under “Blogroll”  She’s got a great story, some awesome recipes, and cheese you can’t resist!


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