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Happy Halloween!

Hope all of you foodies have a ghoulishly good holiday.

I did not dress up this year, as usual.  I had no party to attend, but that’s ok.  I spent the night before Halloween scooping out a massive pumpkin, separating the seeds, and preparing some awesome butter and garlic powdered roasted seeds while Max showed off his knife skills on the huge orange squash.

The result, both in the seeds and goofy face on the pumpkin, was amazing.  I’m going to update this post tonight or tomorrow with a picture of Bruce (Max’s masterpiece).  I’ve been begging Max to carve pumpkins for four years, so I was thrilled with spending the night that way, last night.

Anyone wear a really rad costume??  I was browsing some pictures and saw a girl dressed up as the Orbit girl.  It truly was “Fabulous!”  Anyone make an awesome Halloween dinner?? (Or did you do what EVERYONE else does and order some pizza!)



Max's Artwork

Get Your Zinc On!

The one and only reason I love Halloween is roasted pumpkin seeds.  I hate the dressing up, going out, and while I love the candy, I hate what it does to my teeth and body.  So pumpkin seeds take the cake on this holiday, and rightly so.  They can be crunchy, chewy, slightly sweet, salty, and spicy.  They’re a great snack for munching on and they pack a punch when it comes to zinc–a necessity for our bodies.

Zinc is an essential mineral that’s great for hair, skin, eyesight, and most importantly, our immune system!  I take it daily via pill but it’s always best if we get our essentials from the actual source, rather than a supplement.


The intimidating insides

Wanna up your zinc intake?  Now’s the perfect time!  Go to your local farmers market or pumpkin patch, grab a few of the orange squashes, and dig away!  While the process of extracting the seeds can be somewhat tedious (and sticky!) the end result is well worth it (as is the baby-soft hands you’ll have when you’re done!)  Check out my pumpkin seed recipe and my article on pumpkins on patch!

My Pumpkin Seeds


  • Pumpkin seeds, rinsed and thoroughly dried (Need to dry them out fast? Put a hair dryer to ‘em. Just make sure the speed is on low to prevent flying seeds!)
  • Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
  • Coarsely ground sea salt, to taste
  • Garlic salt, to taste
  • 1 tsp. smoked sweet paprika


  1. Heat oven to 300 degrees
  2. Spread out dried pumpkin seeds onto a parchment paper-lined baking sheet
  3. Drizzle a thin line of EVOO over the entire batch of seeds
  4. Liberally sprinkle with the sea salt
  5. Lightly sprinkle with the garlic salt
  6. Sprinkle on the paprika and toss to coat
  7. Heat in oven for about 25-40 minutes. (Since ovens vary, check seeds after 25 minutes. If they aren’t done, check back every two minutes, until they are crispy to your liking.)


  • Drizzle melted butter on the seeds instead of EVOO for a decadent treat
  • Keep it simple with just some sea salt
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth by using melted butter and a cinnamon-sugar mixture
  • For the indecisive: Make it sweet and spicy. Use butter or EVOO, some brown sugar and some cayenne pepper. Adjust to your hotness level!  (Careful!  A little bit of cayenne goes a long way.)


Roasted Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt, Garlic, and Smoked Paprika

Have I convinced you yet?


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