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Sneak Peek Sunday: Italian-Inspired

I recreated a dish my SO had in Little Italy a few weekends back.

sorry for the bad picture. womp womp

Excuse the horrible lighting, and instead focus on the goodness happening on that plate.

Sneak Peek Sunday: Vodka

Unfortunately, I didn’t use this vodka for a Bloody Mary.

I used it for a meatless dish by request. It’s basically a no-brainer.

I went all out for the realllly expensive stuff....ahem

Guesses on how I incorporated this distilled beverage into a dish?

Sneak Peek Sunday: Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is showing up as the main event for tomorrow’s Meatless Monday recipe.

Cheese of the goat

I even went all out and bought the primo taglio brand (stay classy, Vons!)

Any guesses on how I utilized this creamy, sour cheese?

Sneak Peek Sunday: Tri-Colored Taters

I used these colorful spuds for a Mexican-style dish perfect for vegetarians.

Can you guess what I transformed them into?

Sneak Peek Sunday: Drying Racks

Nope, didn’t use this guy for hanging out my bras to dry.

I used it for something special which will be featured in tomorrow’s post AND Friday’s post.

We all know what it is. I’ve only been talking about it for the past two weeks.


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