Kitchen Goddess

I have a really awesome boyfriend.

Our 4 year anniversary is creeping up on us and Max (my lovely S.O.) couldn’t wait to give me my present….seriously. he was not able to wait until the day.  Which, of course, is totally fine by  me!  I think this was the most excited he’s been to give me a present (that I’ve observed, as other gifts that he’s given me, i.e. ring, were a secret so I had no idea of his enthusiasm of presenting them to me at the time).

Anyway, the other night he made my sit and close my eyes (with my hands over them for good measure) as he fetched a huge box out of his car and into our apartment, landing at my feet.  When I opened my eyes, there in front of me sat every chef’s necessity (and dare I say dream?).

KitchenAid Artisan in "Bayleaf"
KitchenAid Artisan in "Bayleaf"

Yes, I am now a proud owner of a “KitchenAid”, as they are simply known.  I love it.  I have put off certain recipes because they call for stand mixers (with the paddle attachment!); and now, I can make even more delicious baked goods and breads, despite my miniscule galley kitchen and limited counter space.  It is an amazing machine and, although one might deem it sexist, it is the perfect gift for me.

In fact, I had to christen it as soon as I possibly could.  So I put Jade (as she will be called from now on, as I name all inanimate objects of mine with which I have mild love affairs) to work ASAP and she produced the most wonderful cheesecake my tastebuds have encountered.

Although, I may be bias.

For the cheesecake recipe I used, click on my link on the right hand side to “Fine Cooking” and then look in “Desserts”  It was their feature in their last issue.  They have a basic cheesecake recipe with 18 different varieties of it, although I made up my own and made Junior Mint Cheesecake with Mint Oreo crust.  It came out perfect.

And as I sit and eat another bite of the creamy, fluffy cheesecake and smile lovingly at Jade, I really do feel like a kitchen goddess.


6 thoughts on “Kitchen Goddess

  1. OMGosh Melissa! I LOVE your food blog and your writing! This is so great! Congratulations on your 4 years and your sweet green “Jade!” I LOVE IT and you can bring it here, anytime, and cook away!!! We will gladly let you cook for us 🙂 oxoxoxox I must try your chicken recipe! Has Max told you about my honey-mustard chicken, with cornflake fine crumbs, parmesan, salt/pep to taste and bake!?? You roll the chicken, first in the honey mustard dressing, instead of eggs, etc. I made it up!! It’s delicious — I should pound the chicken. I never do that – but that’s so cool !! love, me! ox

    1. that sounds really good! i’ll have to try that out and put it on top of a salad! yum!
      Also, pounding the chicken is my favorite thing to do so I can cook it evenly, otherwise one side ends up dry and the other ends up raw in the middle!
      😀 and i’d love to come cook for you guys. miss you!

  2. That would be the perfect ending to my dinner! 😀 I am reminded of the Father of the Bride when he gives her a blender… I never thought anything was wrong with that. haha

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