Happy Mother’s Day!

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to all the mothers out there–I know that some of my readers are mothers and I want to tell them that they’re very special and deserve so much more than they get!

Mothers (and I use this term loosely…I mean grandmothers, aunts, friend’s moms, etc) are usually the ones responsible for a person’s love for the kitchen.  They are  the ones who take simple ingredients and turn them into favorites.  They’re responsible for making the house smell soo good at Christmas and on birthdays.  They always had a snack waiting for us after school.  Mothers pass down family recipes, secret tips and tricks that YOU will eventually pass down to your own kids.

Mom’s are the ones who make the tuna noodle casseroles that we vow to never make.  They’re the ones who would get mad if you ate the bag of chips they “just bought!!”  They’re the ones who made you eat all of your vegetables, no matter how many times you gagged.

And of course, they’ve done A LOT more for us, but I’m stickin’ to food-related things, for obvious reasons.

In short, thank you to all the moms–for all the cooking, recipes, packed lunches, hugs and love.  I hope that someone cooks for YOU today!



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