Double Take

Wait!!  Don’t check the URL—-it’s still me!

I decided to ditch the beloved banana smoothie theme (as cute as it was!) and opt for a more sophisticated, clean look.  As I become more internet savvy, my blog is bound to change.  My old design was cutesy, but extremely hard to read and somewhat “messy.”  I also could, in no way, customize it.

That gorgeous picture you see on the header was taken by my S.O. Max, for the website CoronadoPatch for which I write.  I get hungry for olives every time I look at them!  I hope to change it up every couple of months with new pictures of delicious food I encounter.


I hope you enjoy the change (I sure do!)  I also hope you find things more easily, read things clearer, and of course, keep on lovin’ the food!


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