Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! Did anyone do anything wildly fun last night? Unusual parties? Booze Cruises?

Did you keep it simple with pizza and champagne?

Anyone make dinner for you and your sweetie or the whole family? Steaks? Chicken?

I’m in the lovely state of Oregon right now, visiting with Max’s grandparents. We had a night of chicken pot pie and cards that had everyone laughing and mad teasing each other. We skipped the champagne and toasted with some sparkling apple cider at the stroke of midnight, which is fine by me since I never have fancied the effervescent alcohol.

Today marks the first day of my vegetarianism, although I might have to push back a couple of days so as not to be rude and inconsiderate to my adopted grandparents while I’m here in Oregon.

I can’t wait to get home and make my first meal to share with you all. It’ll be a bean and rice dish given to me by friend, fellow foodie, and avid reader Courtney. It sounds delicious and I cannot WAIT to test it out. A tortellini soup (non vegetarian but can be modified to be so) is next on my list was well

Until then, Happy New Year. Look out for a new blog this coming weekend and good luck to all with those resolutions!


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