The Vampire Orange

Citrus. Say it out loud. Really…do it. Doesn’t the word itself just sound light and fresh, not to mention delicious? Citrus…ah!

Over here in SoCal we’re lucky because we have some of the best local citrus. Not the gross stuff at the grocery store chains, I’m talking about the fresh, locally-grown-with-love stuff. I’m completely spoiled, now that I get to buy, taste, and write about the Coronado Farmers Market.

I always buy a huge bag of Valencia oranges from a farm called Polito Family Farms (read all about them and their yummy citrus offerings here!). They’re the best oranges you will EVER TASTE IN YOUR LIFE–even if you’re in Florida and think that YOU have the best oranges. You’re wrong  😉 (shoutout to Julia P. who really is way over in Florida!)

This past week, the Polito farm had some blood oranges (one of my faves!) so I bought a couple of those to take home. They’re small, about the size of a tangerine, and pack some serious punch when it comes to flavor. They’re awesome.

Ever tried blood oranges? While their name may not be appetizing, their flavor is one to relish. They get their red pigment from a genetic mutation and contain a flavor that’s something like a mix between an orange and a raspberry (also two of my favorite flavored liqueurs).

Blood Orange Wedge

And yes. They taste as good as they look. Go to your local farmers market and snatch some up, as these ruby fruits are only available in the winter! Then try out some of these ways to utilize the rare fruit.

Ways to use blood oranges:

  • Juice and drink
  • Zest on top of chicken or rice
  • Segment into a best-dressed salad of arugula and avocado
  • Substitute your regular orange juice in your mimosa with blood orange juice
  • Make frozen fruit pops with the juice for a healthy after-school snack
  • Dice the fruit with some cilantro, onion, jalapeno peppers, and some salt and pepper. Toss well and serve on top of tilapia
  • Add some blood orange juice to your favorite margarita recipe

Got any good ideas to use blood oranges for? Tell me in the comments!

Blood Orange

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