Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

I had quite the weekend.

Although it wasn’t nearly as eventful for me as it was for my sister, Stacy.   You see, it was her birthday–26 years old. Not a huge milestone, right? But not only was it her birthday, it was also her surprise engagement!

I had known about it since mid-January when her boyfriend fiance called up to ask for my parents’ blessing. Do you know how hard it was to keep a secret like that from my sister?! Granted, she lives in Coloroado, making it easier than if she lived here in California, but still. She was actually talking to me on the phone about her fiance when he was on the phone talking to my dad (aka getting his blessing!) Sheesh.

It was stressful, exciting, and it went off without a hitch! Friday night my sister was surprised to a “birthday dinner” with 24 friends and family whereupon she was surprised AGAIN by a proposal. Watch the cute stuff happen here:

Yes, the video is horrible (bad camera, bad lighting) but you get the gist! If you couldn’t see, four people (fiance and co.) wore shirts that read “Stacy, Happy 26 B-Day!”  When they turned around it read, “Marry Me?” Adorableness, right?

I wish I had caught Stacy’s face, but I was blocked by two tables and didn’t want to have the camera in her face for fear of spoiling the surprise (she was already perplexed at why my brother was in town for the weekend. No need to make the girl more suspicious.)

Here’s the giant rock Josh planted on my sister’s left hand (*Note: this was before she delicately dipped it in sour cream the next day):

How could anyone say no with a ring like that?!
bling bling

Anyway, it was a great weekend and congratulations, once again Stacy and Josh! Here’s to happy planning!

On a side note, I made my sister some cheesecake in lieu of a birthday cake. Cause birthday cake is sooo 2010.

Here’s some not-so-good pictures:

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake (with cheat crust)
The raspberries on top made it
Birthday Cheesecake

And here’s the recipe. It’s a build your own cheesecake, so I mixed in melted white chocolate and raspberry extract (cause Chambord just ain’t in my budget–have you SEEN California gas prices?!). For the topping, I drizzled melted dark chocolate (not shown) and macerated raspberries. Yum!

This is the easiest cheesecake recipe. I highly suggest making it. So simple, so good! (Although, it should be noted, I cheated with the crust. I had limited time this weekend, as my brother and sister were only there for two days, so I cut corners. But I have made this same recipe with homemade crust and it’s so worth it!)

Anyone else here have a spectacular weekend? Any good April Fool’s Jokes to tell?


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