GaNoshing Away

I’ve got an article up on Patch right now about this really cool catering company in Coronado called Ganosh Gourmet.

The Team Behind Ganosh Gourmet

Here’s the link to the story. Ganosh was started by a retired Army reserve colonel, Wendy McGuire, who has an amazing story, and I’m sure plenty more that I haven’t heard.

She was in Kuwait for 18 months and wasn’t allowed to use any of the food from the country. She would have everyone throw in whatever ingredients they could find on base into crockpot and started making food for everyone that way. Once she got back to the States, she knew she had to make fresh food at everyone’s convenience.

She now makes free deliveries (in the Coronado area) of her fantastic and exotic meals to your home or office. (Read more about it in the first link provided) She’s simply amazing and completely inspiring! Total proof that if there’s something you really love, it can become your livelihood.

Also check out her cool vegetable exchange here. Makes me wonder if there’s anything this lady doesn’t do!

Wendy McGuire's Moroccan Carrot Salad

That’s her Moroccan carrot salad…OMG. It’s got cinnamon (but just a touch, nothing overpowering at all) cumin, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and this awesome stuff called harissa (an Indian chile past) that I must now get my hands on.


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