10 Food/Food Products I Hate

As someone who loves food (and I do mean LOVE), it’s very rare that I find something I absolutely loathe. But there are a few things out there that make even my tastebuds hide out. Here’s a list of food (or food products)that I can’t stomach:

  1. Mayonnaise—this stuff makes my stomach lurch. Aiolis are more acceptable. And maybe it’s because I’ve been traumatized with the jarred stuff.
  2. Steamed broccoli—first of all, this steamed vegetable makes your house smell like 50 cavemen came in and all ripped one at the same time. Second of all, raw veggies are better for you anyway. Hmph.
  3. Peas—but only cooked! You remember my love for the raw pea, don’t you??
  4. Fritos—well, I kinda hate them. I love them with chili and cheese on top, but otherwise, they remind me of my dogs’ paws. Seriously, go smell your dog’s (s’) paws and tell me they don’t smell like Fritos.
  5. Ketchup—I’ve been guilty of dipping my In N Out fries in this sweet red condiment, but if there’s mustard around, that’s what I’ll use for dipping. Ketchup=bad. Mustard=the more, the better! (Sidenote: the only way I would eat chicken growing up is if I had mustard to douse it in. How pissed do you think that chicken would be to know that he gave his life only to be eaten along side something usually reserved for ballpark food? )
  6. Cantaloupe—strange, but true. After 24 years of disliking this popular melon, I still can’t put my finger on what it is about it I don’t like. The texture? The flavor? Can’t be sure.
  7. Mango—This is a taste thing…..with some texture faults thrown in there, too. Have you ever tried fresh mango? Yelch! the aftertaste is unbearable.
  8. Raisins—Maybe it’s because they remind me of being old, or perhaps it’s the chewiness I dislike. Either way, these are what’s always left of my trail mix purchases.
  9. Zucchini—it’s kind of slimy…
  10. Mussels—there’s a crunchy part of it and I do not want to know what it is.

What are some of your most-hated foods?


2 thoughts on “10 Food/Food Products I Hate

  1. still to this day, every time i smell a dog’s frito scented paws it reminds me of you!

    except for griffin’s, his smell like rainbow sprinkles lined streets in heaven. =D

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