Not-So-Quarterly Update

I totally missed my half year mark for my vegetarianism pescatarianism. It came and went this past July without too much excitement. I wish I could report that it’s been easier to ward off meat, but the truth is, it’s getting harder.

For instance, last night I made this for my family’s Cobb salad:

I peppered it and broiled it with care (see how it’s on a cooling sheet over a pan? No sitting in its own fat!), which was hard enough. But then I went and did this to it:

Do you know how hard it was to crumble that crispy, peppery bacon that smelled oh-so-delicious and then not lick my fingers?! Pure torture, I tell you!

*le sigh* Only about 4 more months to go…my dad said he’s going to have a buffet of various types of meat waiting for me at the stroke of midnight on NYE. I think I’d be happy with just bacon…

P.S. The sentence above does not imply that I will be hanging at home with my parents on the NYE…


3 thoughts on “Not-So-Quarterly Update

  1. Well we could always go and see the cheesy looking movie about New Years Eve come to a theater near you sooooon…… ! ha!!!! the torture!! (it’s like smelling bacon!) ha!!! love you and miss you!!! oxox

  2. Melissa! you are so funny! I would have NEVER been that strong!!! How did you do that??? In fact, Ian loves bacon soooo much that I think he will smell like bacon, if he doesn’t watch it (it has been calming down a bit lately). Stay strong and hey? it’s not so bad to hang with the old folk on NYE? or is it? probably is (sawy). oxoxox

    1. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do…LoL. And smelling like bacon isn’t a bad thing!

      As far as my afterthought on spending NYE with parents…it was just a joke (or was it?)

      Thanks for reading, Deb 🙂

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