Tasty Tip Tuesday: The Can Trick

This may already be a well-known trick, but if you don’t know about it, you’ll find it revolutionary.

You know when you’re using the whole can of tomato paste or refried beans and you scrape and scrape and scrape trying to get everything out of the can?

Well stop it. You look stupid. Do this instead:

Houdini Stuff
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Impressed? You should be.

I always open cans for tomato paste and refried beans and anything else that’s thick and stuffed into a can (I can’t think of anything else…can you??) on both sides. Open up one side but don’t pop off the top. Turn it over and open up the other side, pushing down on the lid instead of popping off.

The bottom will slowly make its way out and you can slide the bottom part of the can off while the product is sliding out. Then once it makes its slow fall into the pan, just remove the other top of the can and smile at your cleaned out can! No more waste!

*Sidenote: Please ignore my “grey” nail. My father proceeded to tell me how hideous it was…he’s kinda right.


One thought on “Tasty Tip Tuesday: The Can Trick

  1. Oh yeah? I absolutely knew this from a long time ago and I never do this!! It makes so much sense – rather than scraping the can out with my spoon! You are really smokin with the new food posts!!!! I still dream of cooking more and I love the idea of you teaching me how to be a bit better than decent cook (someday!) oxox

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