Tasty Tip Tuesday: Crisp Greens

Is there anything worse than a warm salad or limp greens? Me thinks not.

Speaking of warm salads…

The way I like to prepare my salads is a way I learned while nannying. I rinse off the leaves of the lettuce, rip it up into a glass or steel bowl and make sure to dry well (use a salad spinner if you have one. Those things are a must with salads.)

Then get a paper damp damp with water, lay it over the salad and set it in the fridge or the crisper for a couple hours.

White Trash...literally!

If I know I’m having salad for dinner, I throw everything in the salad bowl (save for the dressing, of course), put the paper towel on top and let it sit in the fridge like that all day. The salad is nice and cold and crispy for dinner. Just take it out, remove the paper towel, toss and dress!

You’ll have icy cold, crisp greens. Ah, thank you!


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