Thankful Thursday: Affordable Beer and Wine

I could be a lush if I wanted to, but lack of funding prevents it. Heaven help me if I ever strike it rich.

I love finding new wines that are in my price range (read: cheap) and are delicious to boot. Target, World Market and BevMo are my favorite places to hunt for alcoholic beverages in my budget.

When I first started this blog, I told you about my favorite red wine, a blend, here. I’ve developed a love for Pinot Noir over the years, or Pinot, as it’s known in the wino world. And please don’t assume it’s because of the movie Sideways. IT’S NOT! If you don’t know that reference, go rent Sideways then come back and thank me for your newfound enlightenment.

Anyway, I’ve found a cheap Pinot that’s actually really good. I’ll do a whole separate blog on Burgundies and Pinots later, but for now, go out and buy this guy at Target or BevMo. It’s highly drinkable and goes great with chicken.

Cellar No. 8 Pinot Noir (2010)

My SO has this thing for craft beer, much like my friend Georgia (read all about her experience with beer and “girly” glasses here). I went on a craft beer tour this past November for my friend, Annie’s, birthday and got exposed to some good stuff. We went to three (or four?) breweries in North County SD, like Lost Abbey and Iron Fist. I definitely recommend it. Check it out here.

Recently, Belgian ales have been all the rage in my circle of friends. Here’s a favorite of Annie’s fiance’s and now my SO’s. (It’s amazing—has a coffee-like finish!)

Three Philosophers Ale with Cherry

I’ve come to really love pairing food with alcohol. I’m so thankful for places like BevMo and World Market that have exotic and craft brews available for an affordable price.

Tell me—what’s your favorite craft beer? Any particular wines you’d like to share with me? I’m always looking!


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