Tasty Tip Tuesday: Mise en Place

I like to use French whenever I can because it makes me sound all sophisticated and stuff.

So today’s tip is simple: make a mise en place. (pronounced: meece on plahs). It basically means “putting in place,” or having a place for everything.

When I cook, I get all my ingredients out and measured and put away in bowls so when it comes time to execute the recipe, I’m prepared.

I grate all my cheeses and have them ready in a bowl:

I get my spices ready with the measuring spoons:

I cut up all my herbs or vegetables and set them aside:

I pour my broth or milk in a measuring cup and have it ready to go:

You get the idea. Having a mise en place REALLY makes a difference in cooking. You’re not running around trying to find ingredients or trying to chop that onion before your butter melts and clarifies.

Read through the recipe, prep all ingredients and set them aside. It will make your cooking more enjoyable and run more smoothly.

Also, mise en place really speeds up the clean time. As you use each ingredient, rinse out the bowl or dish it was sitting in and load it in the dishwasher or drop it in the sink of hot, sudsy water. By the time your dish is done, your dishes will be done, too! 😉


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