Free For All Friday: Rutabaga

Whenever I say rutabaga I always think “Lou Bega.” Then I start singing this:

Yeah, it’s all sorts of bad when that happens. I’m actually a little offended my name isn’t used in there once. Hmph.

Anyway, let’s talk rutabaga.

It’s a root vegetable, if you couldn’t tell by just looking at it. It’s basically a big yellow turnip. My mom despises the things and my dad loves them. I often wonder if he just loves them because she hates them.

Anyway, once cooked, these guys are super yummy. They have the consistency of a potato when boiled thoroughly, but an earthier flavor. Peeps at the grocery store are always asking me what it is and how I use it.

Well, my most recent venture with rutabagas was a successful one. I mixed them with some mashed potatoes, cream cheese, dry mustard, butta (shout out to Paula Deen!) and Pecorino Romano.

I told my S.O. it was basically the top of Shepherd’s Pie and we complemented it with a Caesar Salad.

It reheated really nicely and had a nice golden hue to it, thanks to yukon gold potatoes and the rutabaga, and was super light and fluffy. It’d be great for potlucks and it’s a sneaky way to get a variety of veggies into picky eaters mouths.

D you like rutabaga? What do you guys use it for?


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