Thankful Thursday: Wooden Spoons

Seems like something so trite to be thankful for, but the underdogs deserve some Thankful Thursday love, too.

I think people don’t realize how valuable a wooden spoon is in the kitchen. For one, you can use it to keep water from boiling over. But there’s so much more this humble utensil has to offer.

1) They’re pretty.

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  • Plastic spoons are eye sores to a kitchen and have no character. But wooden spoons? I could ooh and aah at them all day long.

2) They fit better in your hand.

  • Have you tried holding a plastic spoon? They’re all flat and have sharp edges that could cut my delicate, feminine hands. But wooden spoons are smooth and rounded. Makes for much easier stirring and holding.

3) No scratches.

  • Metal utensils scrape and scratch the bottom of pans, making your food taste less homemade and more like Teflon. Wooden spoons are gentle. They’ve been doing this for a long time.

4) What heat?

  • That’s right, wood isn’t conductive, like that icky metal spoon. Your hands are safe with the wooden spoon and free of burning. It’s like your own little firefighter.

5) They’re non-reactive.

  • That’s not to say they’re not emotional, they just don’t freak out when lemon juice comes their way. Metal spoons can react with acids and change the taste of the food they’re stirring. But wooden spoons? They keep things mellow.

There you go. Five reasons (plus a bonus up top) why I’m eternally thankful for wooden spoons. Now go grab your maple wood spoon and stir up some risotto. It deserves the love.

*Note: Because your wooden spoon treats you with so much love, return the favor. Keep it out of dishwashers and dry them as soon as you handwash them. There is also oil that you can purchase to keep your spoon wrinkle-free.


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