Tasty Tip Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers! I hope you all have a ‘love’ly day (mmhmm) with your SO, friends, family, whomever.

It’s my birthday today (25) as well as my college roomie’s (Stef, 26) so shoutout to her with a huge virtual Happy Birthday hug!

I’ll share my birthday festivities (there’s good food involved) on Friday with everyone.

For now, I’ve got a tasty tip for the gentleman readers today. And it’s a harsh one.

Why chocolate, men? Why do you choose the cheesiest day in the year to give your woman some chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, chocolate is high up on my priority list, right below breathing. But let’s be honest, there’s better foodie gifts to give on Valentine’s Day.

Here are some gift tips if you’ve got an SO who loves being in the kitchen as much as me:

Pasta maker: Men, you will reap the yummy benefit of this kitchen gadget. And it’s nothing like giving someone a blender, cause we all know how that turned out for Annie Banks. (Couldn’t find a youtube clip for this reference, but if you know it just by the name “Annie Banks,” we’re probably best friends in another life.)

Homemade pasta just tastes betta

Molcajete: These things are useful AND pretty. It’s like you’re giving your sweetie home decor and a kitchen gadget.

I feel cultured just looking at it

Dinner to a renowned restaurant: Yes, going out to a fancy schmancy restaurant on Feb. 14 is cliche, but if your SO has a deep appreciation for food, now’s the day to make those reservations. Max took me to The Prado last year (food was spectacular). It was a treat and somewhere we would never normally go, cause we’d have no limbs left if we did (costs an arm and a leg…) If anyone is in SD celebrating, I’d recommend Brian Malarkey’s new place in Del Mar.

Some cheaper ideas:

  • gourmet olive oils
  • one of those comfy gel mats to stand on while you cook
  • a sexy apron (cause it’s not sexist if you like it…)

Happy Valentine’s Day, peeps. Has anyone received roses from a loved one? Chocolates from a mystery man? A blender?


2 thoughts on “Tasty Tip Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Edition

  1. I don’t think the pasta maker is but the molcajete might be. You can find them at lots of different places and yes, they’re heavier than they look. They’re awesome.

  2. are the pasta picture sand guacamole thing (LOL) from crate and barrel??? i checked out that guacamole thing last week when i picked up my springform pan and that thing was HEAVY!

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