Thankful Thursday: Avocados

What would ever happen if I didn’t live in Southern California?

Another reason California is awesome

I love these things. In fact, my first post ever on this blog featured them!

They’re one of those things that just instantly enhance a dish—burritos, salads, burgers, nachos, grilled cheese, soup. You name something and add avocado to it and it’s better. Kinda like you name a harrowing situation and add Chuck Norris to it and it’s better.

I'm not shy about avocado, as evidenced here

Plus, avos (that’s what I’m calling them) are a great treatment for your hair and skin. It’s hair butter and sandwich butter.

I’ve been eating them constantly, as a new crop of fuertes are in down in San Diego (you know Fallbrook is the Avocado Capital of the World, right?) I spread them on bagels with cream cheese and tomato, we made an avocado-mango salsa last night with them. I used them in Monday’s recipe.

Dig In

These things are food gold, you guys. What would I do without them?! I get my healthy dose of monounsaturated fat from them and a satisfied palate.

Also, my BFF Pam lived in St. Louis last year and could barely find these green gems. And when she did, they were through-the-roof-expensive. Which makes me even more grateful for avos.

Anyone else here totally in love with this fruit? What’s your favorite way to use the versatile avo?

Oh haaay, lover

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