Tasty Tip Tuesday: Separating Eggs

You know, I don’t separate eggs a lot.

But if you like to bake, like Rachel here, or whip up your own mayonnaise or make meringue, separating eggs is just a part of life for you.

Now, you can separate the whites from the yolks the old fashion way and make a clean break in the egg and pour the yolk from one egg shell half to the next, but clean breaks have never really been my thing and I’ve been known to drop the yolk into the bowl with the whites…

My way is much easier and fool-proof: Use a funnel

picture via thriftstorecowgirl.wordpress.com. she's in the know.

The egg white falls right through and the yolk stays snuggled up inside the funnel.

Now, as what to do with the leftover yolks? You’re on your own there.


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