Spring Break

I’m taking a leave of absence for the week and calling it my Spring Break.

Unfortunately, lounging poolside with a pina colada Bloody Mary isn’t part of the deal. Nor is a visit to somewhere rad like Panama City or Cancun, like this:

Sigh. The good ‘ol days. When Justin’s hair color was blinding, Chris looked like an alien, Lance was still straight and Britney’s hair was actually her own.

My Spring Break is just to give me a chance to catch up with things and maybe do that load of laundry I’ve been digging through for the past weeks when I need an outfit to wear…

BUT, I do have something exciting going on Friday that I will share with you minions next week. It’s something all foodies (hint: ESPECIALLY SD Foodies) will deeply appreciate.

Thanks for understanding (see how I said that, even though I know you all are lost without daily postings from me?) and I will be back next Sunday for a sneak peek! Hope everyone had a great Passover and Easter.

To keep you busy while I’m gone, catch up on my Farmers Market column over at Coronado Patch. There’s some gems in there.


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