Tasty Tip Tuesday: Cleaning Mushrooms

My first tip should actually be “never, ever, ever buy pre-sliced mushrooms.”

Just don’t. It’s not hard to slice them yourself and if you’ve got an egg slicer, you can use that!

But when it comes to cleaning mushrooms, I’m kind of particular. With very good reason. I see people take mushrooms and rinse them in a colander under water and cringe. Mushrooms are very porous and soak up any and everything.

So when you rinse them under water, they plump up with lots of water, which means you might have trouble cooking them down later, especially if you add them to a sauce.

I take a damp paper towel and rub down each ‘shroom before I slice. It’s time consuming but the results are worth it. You get much more dirt off than by simply rinsing and your mushrooms are just that—mushrooms. No water-logged fungus for you!

How do you clean your ‘shrooms off?



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