It’s the little things that count

I had some great pasta tonight–homemade lemon basil fettucine with (turkey) sausage crumbled in it, some fresh herbs (take your pick) and green olives.  Of course, olive oil is a given.  It was AMAZING.  The flavors went well together, although I found the lemon pasta to be a bit too strong so next time I would add some goat cheese or feta to it to cut the lemon taste.  But what would REALLY make the dish is my tiny, diamond earring-sized friend, the pine nut.

I have a mild obsession with pine nuts, toasted pine nuts in particular.  They are perfect in just about everything.  Whenever a dish needs something more, pine nuts is usually the first thing I think of to throw into the dish.  They’re tiny, but have an awesome crunch and, when toasted, they have the most unbelievable aroma and taste.  Best nut by far, in my book.  I was sad I didn’t have a bag of these in my freezer (keep any of your nuts in the freezer!  They’ll last much much longer!)

I need to remember to get a bag of these next time I’m at Sam’s Club.  They’re tiny nuts with a big taste.

I do, though, have the #2 nut in my freezer–pecans.  These toasted also make a very addictive snack, especially when eaten with point reyes blue cheese!  Yum!


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