What’s for Dinner Tonight?

Some days I just REALLY don’t want to cook.  However, the idea of going out and spending money on food that will make me fat AND guilty is usually enough to make me get up and at least look in the fridge at my prospects.  Today is one of these days.

I usually cook for myself and my boyfriend, which can be challenging as I will eat anything and everything and he is a “meat-and-potoatoes guy.” While everyone loves (save you vegans out there!) the traditional steak and potatoes dinner, I usually like to go for more veggie-inspired dishes.  And tonight, it’s just me.  So not only am I going to make something quick, with relatively no dishes, but I’m also going to make a satisfying dish sans carne–Cheese tortellini with garlic-scented olive oil, feta cheese, arugula, and green greek olives.

Tip:  Always keep a box of tortellini (or maybe you prefer tortelloni?  ravioli?) in your freezer.  Big warehouse stores where you can buy in bulk have great pastas that come in two packages for pretty cheap.  You can use one right away, and throw the other box in the freezer for times like these.  Also, if you have a place in your neighborhood/city that’s an authentic Italian pasta shop, buy some from them.  They’ll be spectacular!

Easy Cheesy Tortellini

*Note, I’m making one serving for myself.  The recipe is just a guestimate as I really only use measurements when I’m following someone else’s recipe

1 cup frozen tri-colored cheese tortellini, cooked according to package directions

Olive oil

2 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed

small handful of greek green olives, pitted

Feta cheese–either Greek or French

1 cup fresh arugula

Sea or Kosher salt and pepper to taste

1. While the pasta is cooking, heat up some olive oil (pour 3 turns around the pan.  Judge for yourself if this is enough olive oil for the amount of pasta you are making)  in a pan and add the peeled and smashed garlic gloves.  Remove the garlic once it has browned lightly

2.  Drain pasta and add to your favorite bowl.  Drizzle the garlic-scented olive oil on top and lightly toss.  Add the arugula, salt, and pepper and toss again.  NOTE: the arugula will slightly wilt due to the hot pasta and oil.  This is ok!

3. Add the feta, crumbling it into the bowl.  Add the olives, and toss again.

4. OPTIONAL:  Sprinkle with parmesan or pecorino on top with some fresh flat-leaf parsley.  I also enjoy a quick squirt of lemon juice on top.  Enjoy!

5. OPTION #2: Couldn’t handle the vegetarianism of the dish?  Add hot crumbled sausage (I like turkey sausage) to the dish for a more balanced meal.  However, this takes away from the “easy” part of the dish 🙂


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