I’m very excited to share with anyone who reads this that I scored some sweet freelance work with a great online  community-based news organization called Patch.  I was contacted by the editor of the Coronado Patch, Kimberly Cunningham, about 3 weeks ago.  When she asked what I was interested in writing about, can you guess what the first thing I blurted out was??


I told her I was a foodie and was completely obsessed with all things edible.  I sent over my resume, some writing samples, and of course this wonderful blog url.  She hired me and I am lucky enough to be doing a little of something I really enjoy–writing about something I have a passion for.

My section will be called “Fresh From the Farmers’ Market” and will be weekly.  I get to travel down to Coronado on Tuesdays, check out the goods at the market, and find a story.  The website launches next Thursday, September 30.  You can go to to check out other patches, or, come next Thursday, go to and check it out.

I feel truly blessed, not just to write about food, but to be given this work as my very first professional journalism experience.  I hope many more opportunities blossom from this one.  For now, stay tuned, I’m working on getting a Cuban Black Beans and Rice recipe up here!

Thanks again to all who follow and read this, all for the love of food!


5 thoughts on “Free-Lancin’

  1. AWESOME!!! You so deserve it! Your writing is elegant and to-the-point; your food choices exquisite. My heart is doing a happy dance for you 🙂

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