Tomatoes for Days

My newest article about this red-fruit-but-people-think-it’s-a-vegetable is up on Patch! Click here to check it out.

I love tomatoes. Especially the purple heirloom ones–read the story above to see what they taste like. And if you love tomatoes and want a different way to eat them (because BLTS and tomato-ridden burgers just aren’t cuttin’ it), read my tomato salad idea here.

Cherokee Purple Heirlooms

Looking through my old posts, I actually noticed that I had quite a bit on this site about the lycopene-rich fruit. Another favorite way to use tomatoes? Popped with cheese on top of pasta like this.

And of course, the one an only tomato soup recipe you’ll ever need.

Vine Ripe Tomatoes

And the often confused-with-green-tomatoes, the tomatillo.

NOT Tomatillos (Green Zebra Tomatoes)


And, perhaps the most sinful tomato dish ever is talked about in this post. (Warning: Fair food is discussed. I cannot be held responsible for salivating or drool-drenched computer keys.)


K, I’m done plugging my own blog. Any other tomato lovers out there?


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