Thankful Thursday: Friends’ Aunts

This past summer, I got to meet a former editor from Bon Appetit. You know, the ridiculously famous food magazine published by Conde Nast Publications.

Her name is Lorna Corpus Sullivan and she was the research editor for the magazine. I met her through this gem of a lady, Kate (my SO’s cousin’s girlfriend…did you catch all that?)

The Kate and I

Lorna is Kate’s aunt and she’s simply fabulous. She told me all about her time at Bon Appetit and her crazy work schedule. It sounded glamorous to me as I stared at her with stars in my eyes.

Lorna had worked out in the LA office, but as we all know, anything in print is slowly deteriorating (it pains me to type that) and publications everywhere are downsizing. The LA office for Bon Appetit was closed and anyone who wanted to stay with the company had to move to New York. Lorna decided to stay in California (good choice!) and got a new job that she’s great at.

Anyway, I’m extremely thankful for Ms. Lorna and her warm nature and knowledge of the “biz.” She took Kate and me to an Asian market in Irvine where we sampled some dried squid (admittedly, not my favorite) and she even let me steal from her AWESOME book collection.

You all know how I adore cheese
For my inner lush
For days I feel like being healthy
For when I have my own garden
Cause I'm all about this
For when I'm Suzie Homemaker

She had acquired numerous foodie books at her tenure at Bon Appetit and she was nice enough to let Kate and me pick through them and keep the ones that sounded the most interesting. I also got to swipe two HUGE cookbooks by Barbara Fairchild (Editor-in-Chief at BA) that would make any cook salivate.

These books are GEMS. So many amazing recipes and I’ve finally sifted through them and have picked out plenty of recipes to make and share with you.

What I’m saying is, I’m thankful for good friends, their family and awesome connections. Lorna is an amazing person and great at what she does. Thank you for letting me steal some of your best cookbooks, Lorna! And thanks, Kate, for introducing us!


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