Free-for-All Friday: Cheez-Its

Today’s post was supposed to be about my adventures in pasta making, but that’s going to wait until next week (Virtual apology to Stacy Z. over in Sweden!)

The reason why pasta is being put on hold is because I experienced something this week. I think it’s called nirvana, but I can’t be sure since my dictionary is M.I.A. (missing in action, not the entertainer who loves flipping the bird).

Anyway, you know how thankful I am for Pinterest, right? Well, I came across a homemade Cheez-It pin, went to the original blog where it was posted and thought, “I can, like, totally do this!” My thoughts are all in Valley-girl dialect. I don’t make the rules.

My friend Kate volunteered to be taste-tester and fellow Cheez-It maker, so on Monday, we used her awesome kitchen (check out the granite counter tops below) and made Cheez-Its. From scratch. And they.were.nirvana.

Color Me Cheezy

Everyone loves Cheez-Its right? Everyone else here can finish off a box in one sitting? Everyone reading this also loves licking their fingers after eating the white cheddar ones? Ok, whew!

Here’s the blog where the recipe I used came from. It’s a guest post from this woman. I’d love it if you paid her a visit to find out how to make these tasty squares.

Kate and I both have an aggressive affinity for white cheddar cheez-its. Like, if there’s a box hidden in the room, we can sniff it out. And fight to the death à la Hunger Games for it. So we used aged white cheddar cheese with a bit of regular sharp cheddar thrown in.

After you combine all your ingredients, which are really just cheese, flour, butter and milk, you roll out the dough and cut some 1×1 inch squares.

Notice my lack of experience in rolling dough...
Trying to be precise
Starting to look like cheez-its

Kate punched cute little holes in the center with a skewer and then we baked them.

This is after we flipped them over
We flipped them, hoping to brown them a little on top.

The first batched looked beautiful. But they were more like a flaky, puffy biscuit than a crunchy cracker used for after-school snacks…


So we burned the next batch.

Still tasty

And it was an accidental triumph. You know when you reach in the Cheez-It box and happen to pull out a slightly browned Cheez-It and you eat it as quickly as humanly possible so the person you’re eating Cheez-Its with doesn’t see it and steal it? Well, it’s like we made a whole batch of those ones so everyone could get in on the action.

Are you guys swooning yet? The first one Kate tried, she tasted it, nodded her head with a smile and said “Cheez-It!”

Make a batch (no, make 4) this weekend. They’re super, super easy and twice as yummy. Plus, no preservatives.

Only downside is, there’s no cheese dust to lick off your fingers.

And for your weekend pleasure:

This is well-behaved Wayne, Kate's dog, who helped us make cheez-its. Isn't he delicious?!

7 thoughts on “Free-for-All Friday: Cheez-Its

    1. Girl, me too! I could eat them everyday, all day. I feel a little better gorging on them when they’re homemade 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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