Thankful Thursday: Fun Foodie Sites

I’m on the internet

It’s just part of my job, so when I need a break from inputting content or writing stories, I browse the net for something interesting. I usually find something that makes me extremely hungry.

Like this site here: Food Revu.

  • It’s a guy (Shawn) who goes and eats at the best places in SD and AZ and takes AMAZING pictures of all the food and posts about it. I guarantee one glance at this site and you’ll be salivating uncontrollably. I could sift through his numerous posts for hours and scribble down all the holes in the wall I need to visit. Trust me, his site is definitely worth looking at.

Here’s another site I’m thankful for. You’ve all heard of this site. I think it’s referred to as *close your eyes moms and grandmas* “food porn:” foodgawker.

  • foodgawker is amazing and one of these days, when I learn to manually use my Canon Rebel, I WILL be featured on there. Hmph.

This one has fun recipes, hilarious writing and local eats: Serious Eats

  • You could hunt around this site all day and never get bored. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your foodie (and drinkie) needs. Visit it.

And I think we all know The Pioneer Woman.

  • She started blogging beautiful pictures and recipes and became this hit. She even got her own TV show on Food Network. This woman is a food goddess. No hyperbole there. She really is. Definitely some food envy going on here.

Here’s another one-stop shop for food blogs: Food Press

  • I’m pluggin’ WordPress, but no one minds, right? You can find some stellar recipes on here and some even cooler personal blogs. I may have been featured on the site (this recipe was). I love FoodPress. It’s constantly changing and you find some real gems on it.

Thanks foodie sites for keeping me entertained and insane during the work day! You’re all inspiring and delicious. What would I do without you?

What are some of your favorite foodie sites? Extra points if you say this one!


11 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Fun Foodie Sites

  1. Thank you for the kind words! I’ve definitely started falling in love with your blog. If you’re ever free one night in SD we should do a joint blog post! Maybe Georgia can come too… 🙂

    1. WOWZAS! That’s a man’s man foodie website. I’m pretty sure I gained a pound by just looking at those pictures…

  2. I found you via Miss Heidi V’s post about mushroom lasagna a few weeks ago on the good ol’ FB. Since then, I added your blog to my reader. I love your blog!

    One of my favourite food blogs is The photos are great, and the blog goes back for quite a few years. Unfortunately, I think the author’s been busy putting together a book so she hasn’t been posting as frequently, but it’s a treat when she does.

    1. Thanks! It’s always nice to see a new reader here (especially ones gained via friends!)

      Just checked out O.M.G. GORGEOUS photos, delicious food. Adding it to my blogroll and vow to hunt around the site this weekend. Thanks for the good find!

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