Sneak Peek Sunday: Italian-Inspired

I recreated a dish my SO had in Little Italy a few weekends back.

sorry for the bad picture. womp womp

Excuse the horrible lighting, and instead focus on the goodness happening on that plate.


One thought on “Sneak Peek Sunday: Italian-Inspired

  1. I have so missed catching up on your blog Melissa and what an extra treat to see Kate guest blog. Now I really want to visit the mid-west and sample the food there :). But in the meantime, Skyline chili looks like a unique chili to try and someday I will make it! You girls are so inspiring!!!! and your “color run” looked like so much fun! I’m so happy to see this special friendship blossom 🙂 Oxoxox p.s. Great job Kate! I can see why you and Melissa are such good friends. Not just exercise and cooking, but “humor!” it’s infectious 🙂

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