Meatless Monday: Headquarters

I had a great recipe lined up for you guys, but I’ve been a little under the weather and couldn’t stomach food the past couple of days. So my delicious meal went uncooked.

But fear not. It will make a glorious appearance next week.

Instead of a recipe this Meatless Monday, I’m giving you hundreds of recipes.

Did you all know that Meatless Monday has its own dotcom? Mmhmm. It’s that important.

It has plenty of information on the Meatless Monday Movement, articles and enough recipes to keep you busy for a while.

I want to encourage y’all to go check it out and try a recipe from there tonight. If I had to pick one for you (you indecisive little minion), I’d go with the spinach tart, for obvious reasons.

found via

And if those reasons aren’t so obvious, here they are:

  1. it’s ridiculously easy to make
  2. you probably have most if not all ingredients on hand
  3. there’s spinach in it
  4. saying you’re having a “tart” for dinner is just fun

Oh! And some shameless plugging here…my first article on George’s exec chef in La Jolla is up on Patch. Won’t you check it out?

Thanks guys. Happy Monday! May this week be your best.


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