Sneak Peek Sunday: Back in Action

Hi there! Remember me? Goofy, 20-something that has a passion for food and sometimes gets around to writing about it?

I’m back. From a year-long hiatus. Here’s a recap for curious minds.

In July 2012, I was a “guest editor” for Ramona Patch, a hyperlocal news website, owned by AOL. I had worked for Patch for two years at this time and was in the process of being hired for editor of the site, filling in temporarily while they narrowed down their choices.

I got the gig, gained responsibilities, lost time and found out what it means to be a multi-media journalist (hint: it’s tough stuff). Over time, I was given two news websites to completely run by myself, and I fell off the blogging bandwagon, much to my chagrin. Here’s what my weekly schedule looked like (full disclosure: this is my well-warranted excuse for not blogging for a year and a half).

  • Monday: School District Meeting for Site A
  • Tuesday: Water Board Meeting for Site B, City Council Meeting for Site A
  • Wednesday: Event coverage, breaking news, etc.
  • Thursday: Decide between covering Planning Group Meeting or School Board Meeting for Site B
  • Friday: Write three days worth of content so you only have to work 8 hours over the weekend.

Mmhmm. Typical week for this food lover. Alas, not only did my blog fall between the cracks, but so did my cooking. It was a sad year for me, full of eaten-out meals and coffee-rich diets. I’m still waiting for the jitters to stop…

On Aug. 16, Patch made severe cuts in an order to reach profitability, laying off nearly 500 employees. Unfortunately, I was victim to the cuts. It’s hard not to be bitter (just ask any grapefruit), as I loved my job, despite the time and energy it took. I met lots of neat people, made great connections and learned invaluable skills. I’ve restructured my “Patch” tab to highlight some of my favorite stories and work. Take a look while you wait for that pasta water to boil 😉

So as I regroup, search for my next path and heal my open wounds, For the Love of Food is back. It feels so nice to be home.

Cheers to rebirth!
Cheers to rebirth!

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