Tasty Tip Tuesday: Hard-Boiled Eggs

There’s not much more disgusting than a grey ring inside of a hard-boiled egg. (Please, no hateful comments. Exaggeration is my thang.)

It’s completely unappetizing and even has a different taste from an egg that hasn’t been plagued by the grey ring.

ew, see the grey ring?

But not to worry, egg over-cookers! My tasty tip will give you perfectly cooked eggs every time.

First, “hard-boiled” is a misnomer. You shouldn’t be boiling the eggs. The whites cook faster than the yolk, so when you boil eggs, you have to cook them longer than necessary to cook the inside, resulting in an overcooked egg (hence, grey ring.)

Instead, you should cook eggs slowly and evenly. I put my eggs in the pot, cover with an inch of water and let the water come to a boil. I let the water boil for one minute (set a timer) then cover the pot, turn the heat off and let them sit in the water for 13 minutes. This results in beautiful eggs.

Hard Boiled To Perfection

Some things to note:

  • After the eggs have been sitting in the hot water for 13 minutes, I carefully dump out the water then fill it up with ice water. You can also have an ice bath ready for the eggs in another bowl. This stops the cooking process immediately. If you don’t do this, you could have over-cooked eggs.
  • I peel my eggs right away when they’re warm because they’re easier to peel that way. I highly recommend it.

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