FAQs about the Foodie


So, who are you exactly?

Glad you asked. It’s always nice to know who you’re getting this food knowledge and these recipes from. Also, I really love talking about myself.

I’m 26 years old and from Southern California. I moved down to San Diego in 2005 to go to school (Go Aztecs!) and get a journalism degree. After four years of teachers and mentors telling us J-students to change career paths, I graduated and was jobless in the journalism field.

In 2010, I got a call from an editor of a local news website owned by AOL and she asked me to write for her site. I told her I love writing about food and have been writing a Farmers Market column for Coronado Patch ever since. I became the regional calendar editor for San Diego and wrote about events and other cool happenings in the hip city from 2011-2012.

Then big things happened. I was offered to interview for the editor’s spot for Ramona Patch. Ramona is a rural, unincorporated town located in north-east San Diego County known for being devastated by two big wildfires (Cedar Creek in 2003 and Witch Creek in 2007) and for its horse and wine industry.

I got the job, was shipped off to New York for some training and have been handling the site since July 2012. In November 2012, I was made co-editor of Rancho Bernardo-4S Ranch Patch. Changes were made, the site was revamped and I was given Poway Patch and just filled in with Rancho Bernardo when needed, with Ramona still my main focus. Unforuntately, severe cuts were made in Aug. 2013 and I was laid off with half of the company.

But my heart still belongs to my food column that started it all. Read some of my stuff under my “Patch” tab.

Why are you credible?

Doesn’t the pure love of food kinda make me credible? I didn’t go to cooking school and have never trained under a chef. But I did take three food courses in high school and had some great experience with a home cook for four years.

I see. Are those people credible?

In my very humble opinion, yes. My high school home-ec and Foods teacher really got me loving the kitchen. Miss Nutt (said teacher) helped me learn all the basics and the foundation for being a great cook—knife skills, prep tips, cleaning technique. She kick-started my love of food and look where it’s gotten me! She’s also stellar in the kitchen and if you want a good recipe for anything, ask her.

I was a nanny for four years during college and the mother of the two kids I nannied for also taught me some invaluable lessons over the stove. Victoria (said mother) really helped develop my palate and elevated my kitchen knowledge. She showed me that restaurant-quality food can be made at home and that made-from-scratch is always better. Some of her recipes that I still use today are on this blog, like her popped tomatoes and her creamy pasta. Basically, she rocks and we used to talk about owning a catering company together. She also doesn’t eat steak but can perfectly cook one. Every.time. Pure talent, I tell you.

So everything you know about food came from your mentors?

Them and lots, and lots, and lots of food magazines and food T.V. That makes me relatable, right?

Totally. How would you describe your cooking style?

I’m very much a “taste as you go” cook. A lot of my original recipes are formulated from guestimates, because measuring isn’t a common activity in my kitchen. If a sauce seems too thin, I add more cream. If a dish seems too heavy, I add some citrus. Then I taste. Then I season. Then I taste again. I’ve usually eaten a whole portion of the meal before I even serve it, just from tastings.

I also love higher-end recipes that can be modified so that they’re easy for most at-home cooks. I take something complicated and try to simplify it. Because life’s too short for complicated recipes and aggravated cooks.

What’s your favorite food?

I don’t think I could pick just one. I’m already an indecisive person and when you throw food into the mix, well, there’s no hope. But I do love a glass of Pinot Noir with some cheese and fruit. It’s probably one of my favorite meals. Also, I have a weird affinity for onions.

Ew. Onions?

Yes. Have you ever roasted them or caramelized them? No? Well click here and then watch your life change for the better.

What’s with the weird themes, like “Tasty Tip Tuesday?”

You think they’re weird?? ‘Cause I think they’re awesome! I installed those in November 2011 to get myself to blog more. You can read all about them under the “How it Works” tab.

Are your recipes original?

Some are and some aren’t. When they aren’t original, I’ll source them. I will always link to the blog where I found it, if necessary, or the site or magazine where I am borrowing them. If they are original, nothing will be sourced.

Can I use your recipe on my blog?

Sure! But if you do, could you pretty, pretty please link to my blog and tell everyone where you found it? I’m in journalism so I know all about copyright. I also used to work for a lawyer. Are you scared yet? Good. Link back to me. *givesPuss’N’Bootseyes*

Can I change your recipes?

I don’t mind people making tweaks—in fact, I usually encourage it at the end of a recipe. But I still want you to source me, just note your changes and tell your readers why your modifications make the dish better than mine 😉

I don’t see a lot of desserts. What gives?

Truth be told, I’m not blessed in the baking department. I’m always envious of other blogs who have beautifully photographed sweet treats that have puffed up just right. I leave baking to my sister.

Speaking of photography…what do you use to shoot?

Well, until recently, I was using a point-and-shoot that was on its way out. But then I got a Canon EOS Rebel T3. I’m still learning how to use it and I try to only shoot in natural light. Thanks for bearing with me while I learn another craft.

Any tips on how to navigate For the Love of Food?

Use the search bar where it says “Hunt for Food” or choose a category under “Pick and Choose.” Everything I blog is in a category and I’ve got some hidden gems inside this blog.

Oh, and I encourage clicking that little button under “Prove Your Love of Food.” I measure my worth by how many followers I have.

Cool, one more question.

Sorry, I gotta run. But you can email me with your burning question and I promise to reply within 24 hours, if not sooner. I’m constantly checking my email. Click the “Contact Me” tab for my email and ask away!

P.S. Thanks for reading! You guys all warm my heart as much as food does, except you all have the upshot of being calorie-free (you know, until I find myself in a Donner-Party situation with you all).

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