Tasty Tips

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Liven Up Your Thanksgiving Sides

Courtesy BonAppetit.com

The Can Trick

Garlic Germs

Crisp Greens

Un-Stick Your Pasta

No More Grey-Ring Eggs

When to Rinse Pasta

How To Hold a Knife

Mise en place

Wooden Spoon Trick

De-Glazing Dirty Pans

Cutting Meat Against the Grain

How To Peel Garlic

Bring Down the Spice

Read the Recipe

Chopsticks for Scrambled Eggs

The Damp Towel Trick

Separating Eggs

picture via thriftstorecowgirl.wordpress.com.

Segmenting Citrus

Cleaning Mushrooms

Storing Herbs

Putting Out Grease Fires

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